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    The Only 4 Ways To Really Make Money With Your Blog

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    We bloggers are all fools, aren’t we? To the rest of the world … blogging is just a joke. It’s not a real job. You can’t make money with it. Let alone change the world. Blogging is just a trend. A hobby. Nothing more. Total nonsense. Okay. Wait. Some of these bad guys have a point. But let me tell you more. Why you can’t make money blogging. You can’t earn money with your blog itself. I have already discussed it here in detail. “Making money with blogs” is not a business model. But you can build a business around…

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    How To Earn Money Online With A Fashion Blog

    In the USA, fashion bloggers earn millions. Is that also possible in other countries? Why are fashion blogs so lucrative? Here are the answers. That’s probably what you call a picture book career. The Italian Chiara Ferragani is just 27…

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    From Career Woman To Mum With Own Business

    Self-employed: Why mothers start their own business Slowly independent – better than nothing, for mothers who don’t have much time left. This way is probably not the easiest one, because I have a toddler and a baby at home that…

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    DropShipping Beginners Guide

    More and more people in Germany who are willing to set up their own business are using DropShipping to fulfill their dream of their own online business. This is no wonder, because only with DropShipping it is possible to offer…

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    How To Better Sell Your Coaching Online

    Sell coaching? It’s easier that way! Only today I read again that the average annual turnover of a business coach in 2012 was 41,025.17 Euros (2008: 22,974.39 Euros) and the average hourly rate of a business coach was 181.99 Euros…

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    Best Marketing Tips For Coaches

    For almost all coaches the following applies: They want to earn at least part of their living with their coaching services. For this they need sufficient clients or customers. So they must actively and effectively market themselves and their services.…

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    Earn Money As A Copywriter

    For some people, writing is a horror: even after minutes of brooding, their fingers don’t want to type anything legible on the keyboard. Others, however, don’t just find writing easy, they also find themselves creatively absorbed in it. So it’s…

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    7 Tips On How To Create an Online Course

    From the perfect provider to the optimal pricing – there are some aspects that should be considered when creating an online course. These are the seven best tips for getting started. Probably the biggest revolution in our education system: online…