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    The Fusion of Freelancing and Motherhood

    Have you ever thought about juggling motherhood and a corner office in the vast expanse of your own house?Being Mrs. Independent is not just an aspiration for stay-at-home mums. It can indeed be a fulfilling reality – thanks, in part, to the mighty advent of freelancing. Legendary novelist and supermom J.K. Rowling once quoted, “We do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all the power we need inside ourselves already.” So let’s embark on a fabulous journey into the world of mumpreneurship. The Rise of Mumpreneurs A mumpreneur is a female business owner who is actively balancing…

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    Freelancing as a Mom: Making Money on Your Terms

    Juggling motherhood and a career can be challenging. Discover how freelancing offers the flexibility to make money on your terms, without sacrificing precious family time. Welcome to the world of mompreneurs! Understanding the World of Freelancing: The Basics Freelancing offers…

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    6 Tips From Shopify Experts For Creating An Online Store

    To celebrate the launch of shopify.de and the German Shopify blog, we asked six established Shopify experts from Germany and Switzerland for their top tips for budding e-commerce entrepreneurs. Deniz Demirsoy, Natascha Laußmann, Thomas Borowski, Jörn Fischer, Heiko Vogelgesang and…

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    20 Part-Time Jobs to Boost Your Income

    If you are looking for a part-time occupation, which is simple, and that brings you some extra income, either because you need some extra money, because you are studying and need to have an income or simply because you feel…

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    How To Earn Money Online With A Fashion Blog

    In the USA, fashion bloggers earn millions. Is that also possible in other countries? Why are fashion blogs so lucrative? Here are the answers. That’s probably what you call a picture book career. The Italian Chiara Ferragani is just 27…