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Here at Mums Enterprise Events we understand the conundrum faced by thousands of women when it comes to returning to work once maternity leave or a career break is over.   Can we face returning to our 9-5 careers?  Should we reduce the number of days we work?  What about childcare and the increased costs of living?

Thankfully the world and its workforce is changing.  The success of UK mumpreneurs appears to be outpacing the sector's growth in other nations, with the mum economy expected to generate £9.5billion for the UK economy by 2025.  Go mums! 

And the good news is,  we are here to help facilitate this movement and encourage women to think about alternatives to the 9-5.  We are here to stop talents going to waste and will be there to support and inspire women when making these decisions.  Our mission is to change women’s working or business lives for the better, forever.

We do this by organising child-friendly work and business exhibitions helping mums on a mission whether that be retraining, finding flexiblw work, starting up or growing a business. We have come a long way since our first pilot events in 2016 and have come back from a successful show in Brighton back in February which saw over 700 mums face storm doris and visit us - check out our event galleries here.

As mums ourselves we have faced and continue to face the same work, home and family challenges you do, like the chores around the home and childcare.  We worry about the risks and investments we are making to embark on this, our own mission to the moon and have days where we doubt our ideas and our abilities.  But after all that is said and done we truly believe we can make an impact on the world, on your life and our own as we all strive to have a better quality of life for ourselves and our families. 

So climb aboard the Mums Enterprise.  Support our mission, spread the word and get involved.

We have two further shows taking place in 2017 in London and Birmingham, you can register free now here. Or keep up to date by signing up to our newsletter.  You can also follow us on TwitterFacebook or Linked-in.


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exhibitors from our live shows

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