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Can You Make Money With Online Gaming?

Use your Hobby to generate additional Income

If you want to earn additional income, you don’t always have to fall back on the boring standard side jobs like tutoring, cleaning or refilling supermarket shelves. Because you can also earn money from the comfort of your own home.

If you are an avid online gamer and like to try out different games in your free time, you can make money from your hobby. To earn money with online games, you should know what opportunities are available to you. We would like to explain to you which games and portals you can earn money with and what you need to consider here.

In this article I’m not talking about casino gambling, although there might be some games such as Poker where you can actually also influence the outcome through your skills. If you’re interested in card skill games with crpytocurrency deposits, check this review platform about crypto casinos. But here I’m focusing more on real skill games, that you can play against others.

Earn Money with Online Games: The biggest Mistakes

As mentioned above, there are a variety of ways to make money with online games. Those who have already researched the Internet will have noticed the amount of different providers. In general, you should definitely be sure to choose a reputable provider.

Depending on the provider and portal, registration is free or not. Therefore you may have to invest money before the start. However, most of them offer you a welcome balance in advance, so that you only have to pay a stake for the games later.

One of the biggest mistakes when playing online is when you decide to gamble. Because here you cannot control your skills. The recipe for success of online games is to constantly increase your talent and thus control your ability to win money.

You must always be able to assess whether one or the other strategy can be more successful and get an overview of the game. As soon as you lose control and start gambling, you will hardly be able to continuously increase your income.

Types and Providers of Online Games

In the following, we will introduce you to serious and appropriate ways to make money from gaming. Depending on your interests and skills, different types of games are suitable. This overview should therefore give you some orientation and make it easier for you to choose the provider.

Skill Games

Under skill games you can understand strategy games, where your skills and abilities count. Here you play – unlike in games of chance – with real opponents. There are some games that require a certain amount of luck, but in general it depends on your talent.

Before you invest money here, you can carefully approach the game with free spins. That way you can develop your first strategies and continue to improve your game. Often you can win real money here without having made a bet before.

In order to continue to win money, you must place bets. Many of the providers allow you to use common payment methods such as PayPal, bank transfer, direct debit or credit card. In this way, you can not only place your bets, but if you win, you will be paid out. How much you can win depends on various factors.

Depending on the size of the stake, your skills, the time you invest and the skill of your opponents, you can earn up to four-digit sums per month. However, if you are a beginner and only play online, the amount will be significantly lower. Nevertheless, it can be considered lucrative pocket money.

Two established providers in the field of skill games are mainly two:

M2P games

With both you get a 10 Euro credit when you register, you have a wide range of games and many registered players to prove your skills against.


Also eSports should be mentioned here as a possibility to earn money online. The skills and requirements you need to earn money as a pro-gamer are of course different.

It always depends on which games you want to play. Potential for eSport has actually every game where you can compete with others. But most often you will find first-person shooters, real-time strategy games and sports simulations. The most popular eSports games today are League of Legends, Dota 2, Starcraft 2 and Counter Strike.

Very often single player games require features such as hand-eye coordination and reaction speed. When the team is getting down to business, the ability to work in a team is also important. In any case, you need a good and extensive understanding of the game.

If you want to earn money as a pro-gamer, you have to realize that daily training is an important prerequisite. Of course you can’t invest as much time as players who do it full-time, but just as you can improve your skills in skill games, you should do so here as well.

Please don’t confuse making money by playing esports with betting on esports events. This is nothing else than any sports betting like on or other big sports betting platforms, which has nothing to do with using your skills to make money. Betting is gambling and you can’t influence the result at all.

Game Tester

You can also earn money as a game tester. Not because you have paid a stake and won against your opponents, but because companies pay you. If you want to become a games tester, you need to know that you can’t just play.

As a tester, you are responsible for detecting and finding mistakes in the games. It is important to uncover weaknesses in the games and to filter out whether there are logic and quest errors or programming errors (bugs). To test the games you work in a test tool, with which you can immediately record the errors.

Most of the time you will be paid your earnings per hour, which can be between seven and 15 Euros. If you want to apply for a job as a tester, you can usually do so via the website of the manufacturers, which has current job offers. There are also gaming portals and external service providers that offer such jobs.

Here is a page with a list of game testing providers.

Conclusion: Earn Money with Online Games

As you can see, there are many ways to make money with online games. Depending on how much time and energy you want to invest, there are different options. It is important that you work for reputable providers and that you have some knowledge of the gaming industry.

Do not underestimate the danger of drifting into an addiction when playing online games. Especially because you can earn money with it. That’s why you need self-control and discipline. Set a daily limit for your financial investment and plan how much time you will spend on it. This is a good way to prevent a gambling addiction.