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I feel strongly that women gain huge confidence from their appearance. I teach women who also have this ethos and a desire to learn. The clothes women wear can impact on their approach to their day and therefore the job in hand.

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Who could you help?

I feel strongly that women gain huge confidence from their appearance.  I teach women who also have this ethos and a desire to learn.  The clothes women wear can impact on their approach to their day and therefore the job in hand.  I teach women how to find their own style and give them the knowledge to put together workable outfits in very little time.  Women looking to start a rewarding business along with the majority of women find this ability invaluable.  Therefore my trainees gain a fabulous work opportunity and fantastic job satisfaction.

What problems do you solve?

I truly enjoy my work because I feel privileged to witness the difference it makes to women.  I often meet ladies who have spent a considerable time looking after their family and suddenly find they are in a new stage of life.  They have often lost confidence and lack self-belief at this point and just reinventing their wardrobe and overall appearance has a massive impact on them.   Equally the women looking for a new career are always strongly rewarded following completion of one of my courses.

Our appearance affects how we see ourselves and also how other people see and even judge us.

Through my vast experience I have helped hundreds of women start a new career and build successful businesses helping other women reach their true potential by showing them what to wear.

What make you unique?

I have been helping women with their image for over 30 years.  I started my own business in ladies fashion at the age of 19. By the time I was 25, my partner and I, had five shops and a business that turned over a million pounds.

At the age of 31 I had my wonderful son who is now 23. Unfortunately I lost control of the business at this time and 18 months later I went personally bankrupt for over a million pounds and lost everything even my home.  I found myself without a business partner and without a father to my son.

As a single Mum with no qualifications and being dyslexic there was only one way to go and that was up.  I had only ever dressed people since the age of 14 and now finding myself with no money I decided to contact my old customers to see if they had any clothes they didn’t wear anymore and my new business ‘Begin Again’ was born.

Within a short period of time my little second hand clothes shop was a huge success offering second hand quality clothing.  But this led me to another business.  After a short period of time, seeing all these beautiful clothes being sold for a fraction of their original price I felt this was such a shame and I knew with a little guidance these ladies could be shown how to re invent what they no longer wore.  Equally important was to learn how to buy clothes they felt fabulous in, rather then wasting money on clothes they never wore.  

So the image business began, which has now been going for 20 years.  My whole philosophy is very different from the typical “ Image Consultant”.  I don’t believe in categorising anyone especially by colour analysis or seasons. I don’t use rules I show ladies how we are all individual and it’s about being “The best you’”.  Due to the high demand of my unique way of styling, I decided to train ladies to become image consultants using my tried and tested method and philosophy. The Alicia Kite Academy offers training to people wanting to start their own businesses following my philosophy on style. This has now been going for over 12 years and I have trained women from all over the world to become successful image consultants.

Sharing my story of how I built a successful business, lost a business and started again is why I am unique. What I share hasn’t come from any books but from my vast experience, which I use to inspire other women to achieve their dreams.

Why I decided to exhibit:

"I decided I would love to exhibit at Mums Enterprise as I strongly believe in women embracing motherhood but at the same time holding on to their personal identity. Mums Enterprise is a great opportunity for women to share their knowledge and experience. Which in turn will inspire, motivate and encourage other Mums to carry on their dreams.  How we see ourselves and how others see us and even judge us, can be a great barrier to achieving our true potential. What you choose to wear can change your life" Alicia Kite

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