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If you’ve ever dreamed of running your own dance business, then a babyballet® franchise could be just the opportunity you’ve been waiting for! babyballet® is an award-winning pre-school dance concept for children from six months old. Available across the UK, Australia and New Zealand there are over 70 franchisees in operation and teaching over 25,000 children. With territories available near you, setting up and running your own babyballet franchise business could be closer than you imagine!

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Who can you help?

The majority of our franchisees are mums who fit their babyballet business around their family life; Claire O’Connor the founder of babyballet® is a working mum herself and feels proud to be an advocate of flexible working and successful business mummies!

Primarily we would look for people with an extensive background in dance who are motivated, dynamic and well organised. Preferably with some experience of running their own business in synch with family life.

However, we also consider people who don’t have any dance experience! For example, people with experience working in a pre-school environment and/or have a great record of running their own business. In this case you would take up a franchise as Business Manager, running their classes by hiring talented, qualified dance teachers.

How can you help?

In a nutshell the babyballet franchise is a great way for you to run your own dance business, right on your doorstep, in a way that fits in flexibly with your family commitments. Not only that, but you can make a healthy profit from doing so – predominantly by running the classes, but our franchise package offers you lots of other possible income streams from sales of merchandise and our own uniquely composed babyballet music, as well as running parties and events too.People often tell us it can feel quite daunting taking on the challenge of a franchise initially, so importantly we also offer a lot of support. When you join the babyballet franchise network, you immediately become part of a much wider franchise family and have the full support from the head office team and other franchisees where you might need it.

What makes you unique?

When you join the babyballet franchise network, you immediately become part of a much wider franchise family. As a Head Office team, we pride ourselves on being supportive and caring to help each and every franchisee to reach their own potential and business goals.

The franchise area you take on will be yours and yours alone – every franchisee has exclusive rights to run classes in their chosen area.

You will receive absolutely everything you need ... the licence to run the programme itself with six years' worth of content; bespoke music; lesson plans; training DVDs; comprehensive training; equipment; promotional material including your own page on the main babyballet website and much, much more.

Miss Kate and Miss Jo joined as franchisees in September 2017 and are over the moon with how successfully babyballet is proving to be in such a short time."We are thrilled that we eventually took the plunge. In just 3 months we have 123 stars attending classes and a return on investment!"

"As the world's favourite pre-school dance brand, we are looking to recruit enthusiastic franchisees in the UK who would like to help us to share our ethos and magic further whilst growing their own successful business.The Mums Enterprise Roadshow puts babyballet® in front of the very people we are hoping to provide flexible working for – mums! We have done all the hard work so you don't have to. Make 2018 your year to come and join the fun at babyballet®"

Claire O'Connor babyballet® Founder and MD

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