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Brilliant Together helps Start Ups and Small Businesses develop and grow, by offering advice, providing direction and being on hand to help if need be. We’re also building a network of trusted suppliers, to build you a virtual team of experts if that’s what you need.

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Who can you help

Brilliant Together was started on the idea of “Mums Help Mums”.  There are so many brilliant women who want to change their career and go out on their own, but are hindered by many different factors: Fear of going it alone; not knowing where to start; who to ask for help etc.  And there are those that are already making a go of it, are a success and ready for the next step, but just don’t know how to take it.

Brilliant Together is here to help both those at the start of their journey, that need a hand getting going and those that are already launched and want to grow or have a stumbling block in their way.  We are here to put you on the right path and be with you on your journey.

What problems do you solve

Working on your own is difficult, especially when you are used to being part of team. When you’re running your own business you have to do it all, on your own. It's often hard to see the wood-from-the-trees, or to know how to take the next step forward. Brilliant Together is here to help. We will work with you to understand your situation, listen, advise, plan and support you, enabling you to concentrate on your core business. 

We're building a network of “Mums” that can help each other; my strengths are in strategic marketing and problem solving and there are many other Brilliant People who can bring different essential skills to your company, so Brilliant Together will not only help you find your way forward, we will also connect you to other Brilliant People who can help you on your journey

What makes you unique

Brilliant Together is about working together, it is all about “keeping it real” and not just theories and templates. Working with you to find the right solution and direction specifically for you and your company, I don’t sit above you telling you what to do, I will sit next to you and work with you, to be the listening ear, the guiding hand and the shoulder to lean on.

Also, I am a Mum in the same situation as you, I attended the first Mums Enterprise Roadshow in June 2016, as a delegate with an idea, I returned as an exhibitor with a start-up company to the Brighton Roadshow in February 2017 and now returning to exhibit and sit on the Q&A panel in London in September. 

I really understand what you’re facing; the challenges, the passion, the fear, the drive; the need to make a change, to do something Brilliant. Together

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