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Mialisia is changing the way women wear jewellery with unique patented VersaStyle necklaces and beautiful personalised charm lockets. Since launching in 2013 Mialisia have experienced huge success in America and Mexico and have just launched in Australia and New Zealand, all as part of a global expansion plan and the UK is next!

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Who can I help?

Women who have a passion for jewellery, fashion and the latest styles and are looking for a flexible business opportunity to fit around their lifestyle. 

By becoming an Independent Mialisia Designer you can design the lifestyle you dream of by sharing your passion for jewellery and fashion.  This business opportunity is suitable for women of all ages, so whether you are:

Looking to return to work after the birth of your baby, but would prefer a more 'family friendly way' to earn an income.
Already in a job but looking to increase your income or plan your escape!
Studying at college or university and looking to earn an income around your studies whilst having fun.
Approaching retirement and looking to supplement your income and still have opportunities to socialise.
Unable to work due to a disability, but have valuable skills and a passion to run your own business from home.
Already running your own business, and are looking for products to compliment this and increase your income.

Becoming a Mialisia Independent Designer will enable you to:

work flexible hours around your family and other interests or commitments
take control of your success and income
achieve your lifestyle goals as well as empowering other women to do the same.

Full training and support is provided along with key tools such as your own personal website.

The business start up costs are low and there are two options to pick from, depending on your budget and how quick you want to grow your business. 

What problems can I solve?

Multiple looks with one or two key items of jewellery
The founder of Mialisia, as a busy mum of four was frustrated with a lack of versatility in ordinary necklaces. Which is where her idea for the patented hook design came into effect, enabling women to create multiple looks with just one or two VersaStyle pieces  This can be complimented with customisable lockets and other accessories, which as an Independent Designer you can help show customers how to accessorise their look, at jewellery parties and one to one personal style sessions. 

Personalised shopping experience
More and more customers are looking for a shopping experience, and with your Mialisia business you can provide this through jewellery parties held at customers preferred locations, or online, where you interact with guests helping them to try different jewellery looks as well as having fun.  You can personalise the parties through different themes, such as a Bridal Shower - where you help the bride and guests to accessorise their outfits for the big day, and the bride can receive Free and Half Price Jewellery as a thank you for being a host.  Or you can provide a one to one style session helping a customer create their 'capsule jewellery box' for a holiday, a season or create a unique gift such as a personalised locket for a loved one.  

Unique jewellery and gifts
With the increasing trend for online shops selling unique gifts such as Etsy and notonthehighstreet and the closure of many high street chains, it's clear that people are preferring to pay for customised and unique products and gifts.  With the Mialisia range of high quality VersaStyle jewellery this is unique in itself and not yet seen in the UK. Plus the charm lockets which are all individually designed enable customers to create truly personal pieces of jewellery and gifts. 

What makes me unique?

Mialisia is brand new to the UK with just a handful of Mialisia Independent Designers as we prepare to launch, so if you love the latest fashion and styles then you will love being the first to wear and share the new jewellery.  Plus, there are always limited edition collections, so women will enjoy having unique jewellery to accessorise their looks. 

The VersaStyle necklaces can be worn in multiple ways due to the patented hook system, so customers can create a multitude of looks with just one or two key pieces, and have a 'capsule jewellery box' for each season.

Mialisia's personalised lockets, unlike other well known lockets can be adapted with droplets, charms, screens, embellishments, backdrops, pendants and different chains as well as a huge variety of charms.  This enables women to create a different look each day to match their outfit, express how they feel, raise awareness of causes, or to tell a personal story to remind them of whats in their heart.

There is also a Monthly Jewellery Club that offers women the chance to subscribe and buy 'the look of the month' jewellery set, saving on the usual prices, this can be delivered direct to their door in a gift box.

As an Independent Mialisia Designer its wonderful to help women get creative and celebrate their own unique style, and when lockets are created you help touch life's as jewellery can be a very personal expression of feelings. 

I'm looking forward to meeting everyone at the Mum's in Enterprise show and sharing the Mialisia jewellery range and opportunity.

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