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My Vision Magazine

We offer a franchise opportunity which is ideal to work around family life with full tools and support you could need to make it a success.

We are present at:

Who can you help?

Parents looking to balance the work / life scales AND earn good money doing work which is fun, interesting and rewarding. If people are feeling stuck we’ll get them moving in the right direction.

What problems do you solve?

We solve a big problem for parents who want to go back to work but don’t want to do it full time and who want to be their own bosses. We give them the tools and support they need to build up their own thriving magazine which can see them earn up to £5000 per month.

What makes you Unique?

We believe in what we have to offer and when the opportunity arose to attend this event we felt it to be a perfect opportunity to present what we genuinely think is one of the best franchise opportunities out there for parents.


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