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Resilience at Work

I run adventure and mindset workshops for women in order to help grow their resilience and confidence.

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Who can you help?

Women who want to build their confidence and resilience, go on new adventures and stretch their comfort zone. The workshops are particularly helpful for those facing a new challenge (returning to work/ changing career) or women who are looking to re-connect with their own identity after having children or work out their next stage in terms of their career/ life.

How can you help?

My workshops offer a chance to get away from day to day to routine and gain a fresh perspective. They offer both a physical and psychological challenge, but in a safe and supportive environment. The mindset coaching is structured around the activities to provide space to reflect on what has been experienced and the chance to connect with other like-minded women. I also offer follow-up group coaching programmes linked to the workshops.

What makes you unique?

I am a former Army Officer who has direct experience of how physical challenge can grow psychological resilience. I link this lived experience to research and tools gained through a Masters degree in Occupational Psychology. I am also a mother to two small children so have an in depth understanding of the challenges of juggling work and children's needs whilst retaining a sense of your own identity.

"I attended the Mum's Enterprise Roadshow in Islington in September 2017 and was blown away by the passion and energy at the event. I loved how work and life were seen as blended and interconnected - it was unlike any other work event I had attended! It also helped me to realise how so many women and mothers face similar challenges when either returning to work/ changing careers after having children and also how many others found that that they were having to reconnect to their own identity. This spurred my on to develop my workshops (at that point just an idea having just left the Army) - having been so inspired myself, I wanted to return as an exhibitor and give something back!"
Nicki Bass, Resilience at Work

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