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The Springboard Consultancy

The Springboard Consultancy is about inspiring, empowering and changing women's lives. Our flagship Springboard Women's Development programme gives women a chance to discover themselves and set their own agenda. Mums returning to work are also key and our Fresh Steps programme specifically helps women to overcome hurdles faced when thinking about returning to the workplace. We want to exhibit at the Mums Enterprise Roadshow events as they have a shared aspiration to inspire women when making decisions about working or business lives for the better, forever.

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Who can you help?

The Springboard Consultancy is a leading international training and development consultancy with a 28 year history of helping women of all ages, socio economic backgrounds, aspirations and cultural backgrounds. 230,000 women have benefited from our Springboard Women’s development programme globally and we have helped change lives. 

What problems do you solve?

The Springboard Consultancy programmes allow women to develop their own skills and abilities, challenge power and equality whilst building confidence, assertiveness and a positive image for themselves. This coupled with encouraging women to set stretching goals  inspires, empowers and change women's lives.

What makes you unique?

Our uniqueness is that we run 'women only' programmes creating frank, safe and open environments. We deal with you as a whole person –a wholistic approach. We also create 'me' time over four one day workshops which also build strong networks. 

We have 450 licensed trainers in over 45 countries and we culturalise, contexturalise and translate all materials so that they are relevant. 

We change lives!

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