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Market Yourself As A Coach Online

5 tips on how you can better market yourself as a coach on the Internet

Clients and customers inform themselves about coaching offers mainly on the Internet. But there are coaches like sand on the beach. How can you highlight yourself and your offer? Our author Sophie Appl tells you how you can build a distinctive expert status with a meaningful internet presence, recognition value and a personal touch.

You own a website as a coach? Great! This is a great start to your successful marketing on the Internet! But you are rarely contacted by people you don’t know on your website? That can change! In the following tips, I will tell you how you can acquire customers as a coach on the Internet and build up an expert status for yourself.

1. Sharpen your personal profile

What are your special features? What makes you special as a coach? Think about your uniqueness and create your own brand, which you present on your About Me page. At the beginning of my work as a communication psychologist, for example, I left out my personal story and tried to position myself quite soberly as a copywriter in content marketing as a “tough business woman”. To be honest, it did not work at all. Because I am a very sensitive person and it is precisely this sensitivity that is my strength. Meanwhile I position myself as a specialist for emotional texts of all kinds and for the topic of self-esteem. Many rather modest people feel uncomfortable at first to present themselves. Create your own distinctive slogan and use it everywhere you go on the internet.

2. Pack your expert knowledge into a vivid story

People love stories. The word “storytelling” is all over the place. What makes a story exciting is not that everything is going great. It’s the crises that are overcome that provide a wealth of experience.

Think about which crises in your life have made you the person you are now?

Have you gained your expert knowledge through these crises?

What were the “magic moments” in your life that led you towards your current career?

Besides your professional expertise, what are the personal characteristics that make you stand out and likeable?

I once met a marketing specialist who, in addition to your expert knowledge, introduced herself with the addition that she always paints cows on Fridays. I found that funny and I still remember it positively.

What is your recognition value?

3. Create a PDF document to download and set up a newsletter

Besides a good “about me” text about your unique positioning on your website, it makes sense to create a new page/blog on your website where you regularly publish your own expert tips. In addition, create a PDF document with your detailed expert tips and your personal story on your website, which your customers can only download as a “treat” once they have left your email address. You can also create an email distribution list and send your expert tips in a newsletter in the future. Also do online PR and send your expert tips to blogs that deal with your topic.

4. Market you as an expert at Xing

Xing has become full. The flood of messages is often no longer read. Direct advertising works rather badly and is pushed into separate areas in most forums, which nobody reads anyway. To be found, you have to enter the right keywords at “I offer” and as an expert write posts in the right groups. You can search for groups on your topics. It is recommended to introduce yourself personally and to join the discussion. Share your expert knowledge generously and publish regular status updates. And always add natural interesting people to your contacts.

5. Believe in yourself and experiment

Don’t be distracted from your path on the Internet once you experience little response. Believe me, it takes a little time in Internet marketing. But then it can be like a wave-like network, and you are “in” and get many new contacts. No one is set in stone. Have as many conversations as possible with potential clients, customers and contacts and find out their needs. Maybe completely different needs are relevant than you have thought so far. See your independence as a wonderful field of experimentation and constantly soak up new impulses.