Building your Assertiveness Skills
10.45am -11.15am

Assertiveness is not always about getting your own way, but it is about being confident to express your own needs in a positive way.

During this interactive workshop you will hear from one of the world’s leading training and development consultancies about practical ways you can enhance your assertiveness skills.

So if these questions sound familiar then this workshop is for you…

- How do I resist always saying yes when I really want to say no?

-  How do I manage to say what I really feel without upsetting anyone?

-  How can I gain more control over situations that are important to me?

It will focus on skills and techniques to develop yourself and help you to assert yourself positively in situations whether they be at home or work.

Workshop speaker:
Georgina Pullen
Senior Training Consultant

Georgina joined the Consultancy team in 2000 and actively delivers all our personal development programmes across the UK and worldwide. She both trains and licenses our new Springboard trainers.

Georgina is committed to the personal development of others, particularly women. She is an experienced trainer with an enthusiastic approach to her development work. She has an impressive 25-year track record of delivering top quality training across a variety of government and private sector organisations.

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