Find a job you love and return to the world of work

This inspiring 30-minute workshop will provide you the simple steps to take to find a job you love and return to the world of work. Tapping into you existing parenting skills, identifying your passion along with practical career advice specifically for mums, this session will provide the ideas, direction and confidence to get started on your journey back to work…

Workshop speaker:
Jane Knight
Founder - Successful Mums

Successful Mums has supported over 3,000 women back to work through career advice, confidence tools and employability training. Founded by Teacher and Career Expert Jane Knight to provide a platform for parents returning to work or changing career. Exclusively designed by Jane, the innovative training and career support helps mums regain their mojo and feel ready for the world of work. With great results and links with flexible friendly employers, Successful Mums is good for Mums and good for Business.

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