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10.30am - 11.00am

Especially useful for anyone who's had a career break and wants to know what's best to include on their CV, or for anyone who hasn't got a CV and doesn't know where to start! 9-2-3 is a recruitment agency that specialises in finding flexible work for experienced professionals, so we’ve seen hundreds of CVs and spoken to numerous HR departments.In this workshop we bring our expertise together and give pointers and advice to anyone looking to revamp their CV or start from scratch.We’ll have suggested CV layouts and headings and answer questions such as “how do I deal with my career break?”

Workshop speaker:
Helen Wright
Founder 9-2-3 Jobs

9-2-3 is an exciting recruitment agency that specialises in finding flexible work for experienced professionals. Mum-of-3, Helen Wright, founded the company after she struggled to find stimulating part-time work following a career break. “I was stood in my local playground one afternoon,” she said, “when I looked around and realised I wasn’t alone. There were so many talented professionals all wanting to work, but struggling to find flexible opportunities.”

9-2-3 now represents hundreds of individuals – including those who have had career breaks - who are looking for flexible work in a variety of sectors. “We work with a range of forward-thinking clients, from start-ups and SMEs through to big blue chips – all seeing the benefits of flexible working.”

In the autumn, Helen’s launching “The 9-2-3 Club”, with regular meetings enabling members to get together, share experiences and gain in confidence before re-entering the workplace. There’ll be inspirational speakers, and some meetings will take place on site at big businesses, giving members the chance to speak directly to HR teams. For more information, have a look at their website:

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