How to make the leap from mum to businessmum

A career isn’t easy, nothing worth doing is, we know that as we are Mums! However, if it’s done right it is so much fun! Let me share my 7-steps to stay motivated and 5 quick lessons on success. Leave feeling focused with REAL tips on how to help you run a business. All presented with the honest appraisal of my journey so far, alongside the guilt, the tears and the meetings when the bag I grabbed doesn’t actually contain the required contracts, but does contain wet-wipes and a changing-mat……. So where IS my handbag?!? Success = the right child with the right bag at the right venue, the rest is easy when it’s done with belief. Come along and learn from my mistakes and leave with believe and motivation you need to succeed. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Workshop speaker: present Susannah Schofield OBE

Susannah is a regularly invited speaker on both a National and International stage. Susannah’s interests extend to both the corporate sector and the SME sector in which she founded a business which delivers the acclaimed business model she created, The Dice Matrix Model. Susannah is also Editor-in- Chief of Key Women in business (KWIB) magazine allowing her to help other women embrace and learn through stories and editorial rich content, gaining advice and lessons in business from those who wish to support, mentor and assist.

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