The art and science of mid life career change.

Come prepared to hear some evidence based research, science and facts. We’ll bust a few myths and manage your expectations as well as get you to look at and focus upon actions which are most likely to help you make a difference when it comes to thinking about next career steps. We’ll share what resources we think are most helpful – there is a lot out there and some are definitely stronger than others.

Workshop speaker:
Lucy Standing
Founder -View Vo

Lucy Standing is a Chartered Psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society (BPS).   She is also Vice Chair of the Association for Business Psychology (ABP) - the professional body in the UK for business psychology.  She used to run graduate recruitment for JP Morgan and was Global head of recruitment at a strategy consulting firm.  She then went into consulting for 5 years before going freelance when she had a family.  She’s now on a mission to help people make better career choices.  At no point in life are we taught how to select of find work which suits our abilities and skills.  In this workshop, she’ll start with busting a few myths before giving you some practical ideas and strategies to move forward in our next step – whatever that next step may be.

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