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It all started back in 2015.......

Mums Enterprise Ltd. was founded by Lindsey Fish following her own experiences of starting a business after maternity leave, back in 2014.  Starting her first event management business sparked the idea for the Mums Enterprise Roadshow and in 2015 she partnered with Creative Director and friend Lucy Chaplin to bring the vision to life. Together they planned their first events, which took place in Hertfordshire in June 2016 and attracted nearly 200 attendees. The pair then went on to host three further exhibitions in 2017, this time reaching cities Brighton, London and Birmingham and welcoming over 3500 mums.

HUGE AMBITION #shootforthemoon

The 2018 events will welcome over 10,500 mums to two larger exhibitions in Manchester and London, creating a platform for individuals, initiatives and organisations to showcase themselves and change women’s lives for the better forever. 

 With gender equality, flexible working and maternity discrimination making headlines in recent years, Mums Enterprise is spearheading the ‘mum economy’ and working hard to drive change and offer tangible solutions, opening up a myriad of opportunities for women across the UK and beyond to faciliate this movement benefiting mums and everybody who is on a similar mission to Mums Enterprise.

Lindsey and Lucy do not sell any other services, their business is the organisation of these events.  It is the partners and exhibitors who can really change lives and so every care is taken to make sure the content and those taking part can really offer support, services and opportunities that can help change lives,Mums Enterprise is the platform.

For the first time Mums Enterprise will be Multi-Level-Marketing free from 2018 meaning no MLM brands will be exhibiting.  Every decision is made with mums in mind and the reason the events have grown so quickly is because Lindsey and Lucy are mums facing the same challenges of running a business, trying to do something meaningful in the world around family and babies just like millions of others.  Lindsey gave birth to her second daughter Rosie in June 2017, has four year old Molly , Lucy has two year old Ruby and hopes to expand her family soon. 

Purpose: To help change the work or business lives of mums for the better forever

Mission: To be the number one brand mums turn to for their work or business needs.

2018 DATES:

MANCHESTER - Wednesday 20th June 2018 , Event City

LONDON - Friday 28th & Saturday 29th September 2018, Olympia

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‘Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you’ll land among the stars’

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