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Beth Lear
Virtual Assistant

Beth supports the team by taking on tasks which are vital to the smooth running and delivery of the Mums Enterprise Roadshow but take away time from other core tasks such as sales, marketing and design.  Beth runs her own virtual assistant business and is also available to work with other clients check out her Facebook page here.

"I love being my own boss it’s the best move I made, having worked in administration for the last 25 years I have gained experience in all aspects of admin, and now doing it this way, I have the advantage of working with lots of different people doing lots of different work which is why I am excited to be part of the team of Mums Enterprise.  Lindsey and Lucy’s passion and enthusiasm shines through, it is so rewarding watching it come to fruition for them and a pleasure for me to know that I am part of the team helping give Mums the confidence they deserve to be recognised as a working Mum."

Jodie Hayward
Digital Marketing & Operations Manager - Mum to Ronnie 2 and Archie 5.

Jodie entered the business after a social twitter chat (obviously as a social media Macaw). Ever since Jodie has become much more. As a person of attention to detail and organisation like no other, our Jodie has become not only a digital marketing guru and social media manager but also our operations manager. A vision is one thing but making it happen is quite another. Jodie will be the one to help Mums Enterprise make the best use of technologies available and help a small team work together as a slick machine.

"Since meeting Lindsey on a twitter chat in only 2017 I am honoured to be part of the Mums Enterprise team. Not only for my own personal progression but also as a member of a company that really does help to change the lives of mums for the better forever.  I myself have experienced the challenges of becoming a mum and being somebody that home schools my boys, I am proud to work with and help the nation find support, skills and real opportunities that help them find work that suits them.  I am happy to be a part of this amazing team, am able to work to my own diary and am excited about the future of Mums Enterprise.  #Shootforthemoon indeed. "

Lindsey Fish
Founder & CEO - Mums to Molly 4 and Rosie 7 months

Lindsey's professional passion has always been events ever since she was an apprentice at just 16 for an exhibition event organiser. Fast forward 14 years and she launched her own event management company instead of returning to her city job as a Marketing Manager, it was that experience that led her to the idea for the Mums Enterprise Roadshow. She had experienced the conundrem herself about what to do about work after maternity leave and could see and hear women all around her experiencing the same and decided an event was the perfect solution and so the mission to the moon commenced.

“I just love organising events, it takes such a variety of skills and no event is ever the same, I think I thrive off the pressure and enjoy learning new skills and overcoming new challenges every day. Mums Enterprise is now in its third year and never did I imagine that one day my show would be at Olympia, if I say it out loud I have to pinch myself. This just proves the demand and need for a show such as this, the only event of its kind which is spearheading and facilitating a movement. My aim is to prove that these exhibitions change lives for the better, have had a direct positive impact on the UK economy and is a stage for game changers. I was crazy enough to have my second baby in June 2017 but enjoy the freedom of working from home, all us mums need is to manage our own working diary and we are set, I am also thrilled that this business that started as an idea is now helping others mums not only attendees but those who are now working with us as part of our growing team. Just amazing.

This is our life, our mission as we #shootforthemoon and take thousands of mums on the journey with us."

Lucy Chaplin
Business Partner & Creative Director - Mum to Ruby age 2

Lucy boarded the Mums Enterprise as Creative Director early on when the idea was just that, an idea. Lucy brought the whole concept to life. After the initial 'moon board' made Lindsey cry with joy, something clicked into place. Soon after she decided that if she was going anywhere with her creative career, it might as well be 'to the moon' and she became Lindsey's official business partner in 2015.

"After two years working with Lindsey to create and deliver these events I am delighted with the way the mission is taking shape. With no prior event experience it was certainly an eye-opener to discover how much work goes into each show. But seeing the impact they are having on our attendees makes all the hard work worth it. There is nothing quite like hearing feedback from another hardworking mum, saying that attending one of our events has helped changed their life for the better. When I started out as a lowly advertising production assistant 17 years ago, the dream was to become a graphic designer. I never imagined that I would be part of such a worthwhile and important mission."

Pamela Badham
Public Relations Director

Pamela joined Mums Enterprise in January 2018 to help them with their PR and marketing campaigns. She has over 10 years’ experience working across a variety of industry sectors. As a mum of two, Pam made the jump and set up her own business; Four PR and Marketing following the birth of her second son, Arlo.

“After having children, my life changed in ways that I never thought it would. For the first couple of years of motherhood I struggled to balance a successful career with my natural instincts to be there for my children as much as I could be. I spent so many sleepless nights feeling stressed that I was not achieving my full potential in anything because I was being pulled in so many directions. I was cutting meetings short to make it back in time for nursery pick ups and dreading the frequent international travel that my job entailed.

After a great deal of thought and a very firm push in the right direction from my husband, I quit my 9-5 and set up my own Public Relations and Marketing company. It has been both one of the scariest and rewarding things that I have ever done in my life (a bit like motherhood itself!). I now work my life around my children and actually feel that I am more productive than I have even been because the flexibility it affords, allows me to structure my work around my family.  

Following an introduction from a mutual friend and business contact, I connected with Lindsey and instantly fell in love with the Mums Enterprise brand and everything that it stands for. As a mum who has walked this walk herself and battled with the myriad of challenges that a working mum faces, I am so proud to be working for a businesses that is dedicated to helping mothers like me #shootforthemoon and realise their full potential”

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