14 Tips for Cold Calling Success

July 18, 2017

14 Tips for Cold Calling Success

Hours spent making unanswered cold-calls will often feel like pulling toe-nails and precious time wasted. Especially when there’s a whole bunch of seemingly productive “activity” you could get on with to attract new client opportunities.

However, when you receive an incoming inquiry, chances are, that person contacted three or four other people, too, which leaves you vulnerable to price-comparison. In fact, you will be compared to the others.

With cold calling, all it takes is one call that could land you in a new prospective client’s office in two-weeks. Provided you get the conversation right, you could make competition irrelevant, and create a higher-value opportunity, than wait around for incoming inquiries.

But there’s nothing worse than making a sales call unprepared, with just a sales pitch to get you through. It’s a complete waste of your prospects time, and your time.

7 Cold call planning tips for success

Sales call planning will help you increase your success rate. Here’s a list of my pre-sales call check-list – it shouldn’t take long or be overly complicated.

·         What is the intention for your call? Clarity gives you focus.

·         How can you help the prospect/ their business?

·         What do you hope the prospect takes away from the call?

·         What will you ask them?

·         What questions might they ask and what are possible objections they may have?

·         Key points you want to communicate – have your snappy sentence rehearsed and ready to go.

·         Research the person you’re calling – don’t get caught off-guard if a major event has occurred.

When you consistently stick to this list, the activities become a ritual. Next up are proven tips to help you make the most of your time.

7 Proven tips for productive cold calling


Print out your list of people to call the day before. Seeing your list ready reduces barriers to getting it done.

Block out time

If it’s not diarised it won’t get done. Use whatever method you use to action items. It might be blocking off your online calendar or scribbling in your notebook/ journal. I prefer my journal, it feels more tangible and rewarding ticking it off a physical list. Do what works for you.

Disable distractions

We both know, what feels like five minutes on social media is hours in real time. Disabling distractions well before you’re due to get started reduces the burden on your mind of having to exert even more willpower to get started.

Follow up

Follow-up productive calls with a snappy email. It might be confirming a meeting, sending a proposal, or just send some useful information related to topics that came up in the call. If you called and couldn’t get through, try again within the next five working days.

Send follow-up emails during off-peak times

Block out time to just focus on calling. And then block out another couple of hours, after, to focus on the follow up emails. If you send follow-ups immediately after your call, you lose the momentum of the calls and get distracted.

Value consistency over binge-calling

Instead of binge-calling, as one of my clients endearingly calls it, set time aside to regularly make calls. Just like any performance activity, like working out for example, regular interval training is more effective for weight-loss or fitness gain, than the occasional burst of exercise.

Baby steps

We procrastinate things we hate and or are not very good at, it’s because we value short-term gains over long-term results. But the good news is, overcoming that seemingly massive wall of procrastination can be overcome by making the bar to get started, really, really small.

None of these methods will give you 100% results, however, when compounded, they reduce resistance to getting it done which improves the likelihood of getting through to someone who wants to pay you for products or services.

 What do you say on a cold call to get the other person excited and want to meet you? Have a look at Conscious Cold Calling: book more meetings to win more sales.

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July 18, 2017

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