5 Golden Nuggets from Successful Female Parentpreneurs

July 26, 2017

(Taken from real interviews on the Parentpreneur Accelerator Podcast!)

Hi, it’s Alexis Kingsbury here, founder of the Parentpreneur Accelerator.

Over the last year I’ve been fortunate to interview some amazing Parentpreneurs for our Podcast about how they have built their businesses while having time with the family they love.

As many of the parents attending the Mums Enterprise Roadshow in London on 25th September will be looking to start or grow businesses, I’d like to share 5 golden nuggets of advice from five fantastic women I’ve interviewed. Here goes!

1.      Aleksandra King, Media Personality, The Apprentice contestant and Business Consultant 

“It’s OK to have bad days. Look at what they’re telling you and use them to gear your life in a better way for you.”

Aleksandra told me how her worst moments on ‘The Apprentice’ helped her get clear about how she wanted her life to be, and how that enabled her to have the confidence to quit in week 4 of the show. She highlighted that as entrepreneurs we often think we have to always have good days, and feel like failures when we don’t.

Instead, Aleksandra recommends using those bad moments and days to get clarity on what you want, and to make positive changes in your life.

2.      Francesca Tortora, Freelance Graphic Designer and Founder of Doing It For The Kids

“If you are gonna do good stuff, just surround yourself with other people doing good stuff and you’ll be alright.”

Frankie has done a great job of balancing freelance work, family, and growing a new business based on her ‘Doing It For The Kids’ blog. She puts the success down to a collaborative approach, where rather than making herself the sole creator of her blog, she got the support from other freelancing parents to create the content.

She recommends entrepreneurs spend time around other great people that are doing what you want to do, to learn, get inspired and get support from them.

3.      Wendy Shand, Founder of Tots To Travel:

“You make the biggest leaps forward when you do those things on the list that you least want to do.”

Wendy has been passionate about her self-development for a long time, but more recently hit upon the realisation that her greatest progress with her business has come from trying approaches that she was least drawn to. 

She recommends entrepreneurs become aware when they are ‘filtering out’ ideas, be clear about the reasons for this, and challenge themselves to try new things.

4.      Sophie Edginton, Founder of the Dinner Set:

"The crucial thing to have at the start of your business, is complete clarity on exactly who you are trying to help."

Sophie has become a master at getting clear on exactly who her ideal customer is, and the power this has when building a startup business. She explains that traditional demographic information (like age and gender) can help, but most entrepreneurs don’t go enough.

She recommends entrepreneurs should identify the specific factors that make someone a good customer for your business; right down to the products and services your ideal customer already buys from other businesses.

5.      Cara Sayer, Inventor and Founder of Snoozeshade:

"Don't be afraid to ask. People are always happy to share, as long as you go off and do something with the information."

Cara has had an amazing journey from divorce and depression to award-winning international business, with her products now stocked by Mothercare, John Lewis and many others.

She shared how she managed to get help from people who connected her to the right people that could grow her business, and recommends simply asking for help, using what you learn, and going back to them to tell them what you did.

This blog was supplied by Alexis Kingsbury, Founder of the Parentpreneur Accelerator.

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Written by Alexis Kingsbury, Founder Parentpreneur Accelerator

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July 26, 2017

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