An Interview with Rebecca Newenham - Get Ahead VA

April 4, 2018

What’s your career background?

Prior to having my children I had a Corporate Career in Retail Buying & Marketing. Like many women I meet, unfortunately the corporate world didn’t work for me & my family so I took a career break to focus on my 3 girls.

In 2010 when the girls were all at school, I decided that I wanted a career to fulfil me, but something with flexibility, where I could control the hours I work & equally help others to do the same. I spent time researching options, attending networking events & talking to people & so Get Ahead VA was born.

What is Get Ahead VA?

Get Ahead VA is a virtual agency that provides a wide spectrum of outsourced business & marketing services. I am proud to say that it is now a nationwide business with a team of more than 30 Virtual Assistants. In June 2017 we launched our franchise & we are actively recruiting franchisees around the UK. We are a totally flexible service for our franchisees, clients & team.


How did you get involved with The Mums Enterprise Roadshow?

I found out about the Mums Enterprise Roadshow via LinkedIn & love what Lindsey & Lucy are doing. At Get Ahead VA we to want to help Mums have the flexibility of a career & time with the family & so the visitors are the right people for us to be speaking to.

We exhibited at both the London & Birmingham shows in 2017 & for us it was a great success. I was delighted with the calibre of person attending & we were able to have some good quality conversations. They had clearly researched who we are & what we do & were interested in learning & finding out more. At the Birmingham show we recruited our 3rd Franchisee in the Leeds region which is a new area for us so we can genuinely say that Mums Enterprise has contributed to growing our business. We are super excited about exhibiting in Manchester this year.

What is your impression of the show?

I love branding & the look of the show is great. The beautiful showguide is a fantastic resource for during the show & after. I have chaired networking sessions myself & was very impressed by how the face to face speed networking sessions were organised. My advice to someone attending would be to spend time researching who is there so you don’t waste time on the day, but also be open-minded. An unexpected conversation might just give you a lightbulb moment. Don’t forget to checkout the speaker programme to they often have a great lineup.

How do you manage the Work / family juggle?

I have 3 girls who are now 12,14 & 16. It is important for me to be there for them as they are my priority but time for me is important to, for example I love exercising & going for lunch with friends. Other than dipping into emails I have a rule that I never work in the evenings. My work needs to fit around these things & my time is precious.

I am a big fan of ‘to do’ lists which I create each day & love the feeling of ticking the items off. I also use the Focus Keeper app to time 25 minutes of intense work with short breaks to make sure I utilise wisely the time I have. LINK

What advice would you give to anyone looking to set up their own business?

Research is key. Don’t assume that because something is appealing to you there is a market for it & equally there maybe competition doing the same thing. Sometimes people are afraid to talk about their ideas but gathering opinions is crucial because that can really shape your thinking.

Don’t wait for everything to be perfect. Networking events can be great. The more you get out there & speak to people the quicker you will start & you will learn heaps by doing.

Manage your time. Time management is really important so be focused on what you need to achieve and prioritise.

Outsource & delegate. As soon as possible outsource & delegate to experts because they can really help to bring your business on.

Work with a coach. I invested in a coach & it was a big expense however their expertise was invaluable in building my vision for growth.

Rebecca, Founder of Get Ahead VA is exhibiting at our Manchester show.

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Written by
Lucy Chaplin
April 4, 2018

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