Flexible Working is for Everyone!

June 4, 2018

Flexible Working is for Everyone!

The creation of 9-2-3 has been a very personal journey for our founder Helen Wright. Following a career as a Broadcast Journalist (where she worked for both the BBC and ITV), Helen stopped working to have a family. During this time, amongst other things, she was Vice Chair of the local Pre School and joined the Parish Council. But when Helen wanted to return to the workplace, she found being tied to the school run was prohibitive, as was the cost of hiring a nanny to look after her three children.

Chatting to other mums in the playground, Helen realised she was not alone. There were accountants, solicitors, marketing execs, HR professionals...the list goes on. None were working. What a brain drain! What a waste of experience. Here was a bunch of over-talented women all keen to work – all wanting to put their considerable expertise back to good use.

In short, she realised there are lots of talented workers struggling to be discovered, along with lots of employers struggling to find the professionals they needed. So, in 2015 Helen decided to set up a recruitment agency, 9-2-3 Jobs, in order to help connect them.

9-2-3 specialises in flexible roles – whether that’s 9-3 school hours, more traditional part-time hours (of a few days a week) or even full-time hours (but with some home-working or compressed hours).

All the research shows that flexible workers are more productive, have fewer sick days, and greater staff retention – plus they’re more engaged at work as they want to be there!

9-2-3 has enjoyed continued growth and success (in fact we’re hiring ourselves now). We’ve been working with a variety of forward-thinking businesses, all looking to recruit experienced professionals on a flexible basis. We’re currently working on roles in the charity sector, HR, sales, legal, finance and more…check out our live roles at www.923jobs.com/jobs/

In 2017, we launched the 9-2-3 Club, with an exciting event at Westminster – supported by MPs and Ministers. The club aims to bring members of the 9-2-3 community together giving you a chance to share experiences and gain confidence before re-entering the workplace. We run events such as  C.V. workshops, upskilling your Microsoft Office knowledge, interview techniques , plus we host networking events to boost your confidence, as well as partnering with corporates such as Deloitte and NatWest Markets to give you insights into their returners programmes. These events are designed to be fun and informal get-togethers, where we can share experiences and feel inspired and empowered to move our careers forward in a flexible way.

To celebrate the 9-2-3 Club’s 1st birthday, we are very proud to announce that we will be launching the National Flexible Working day on the 12th September 2018! #LetsAllFlexTogetherDay invites everyone around the UK to give #flexibleworking a go for one day. We’d love you to get involved and here are a few ways you can join in:

For employees, if flexible working isn’t available in your current job, then this is the perfect opportunity to ask your employer to give flex a go just for one day and let them see how productive you can be. We suggest you show them the benefits of flexible working by using articles we’ll be posting across our social media sites and prove that you can get exactly the same work done (if not more), whether at home or through flexible hours and help reassure them that flexible working is future-proof - fight for it, it makes complete sense.

And for employers, we understand that this might be a complete break from the normal 9-5 hours and that it may send heads into orbit, but this is just one day in the year for your employees to prove to you how flexible working can work for you as a business. Flexible working is known to encourage employee productivity and improve happiness, so we’re asking you to give flex a go on the 12th September 2018.

And of course if you and your company are already embracing flexible working then please help us to shout about it - tag yourselves and your businesses if you’re working flexibly that day (or week!).

Lets ALL flex together on the 12th September and shout about it by using our hashtag #LetsAllFlexTogetherDay. Let us know about it - post your photo’s to our page, wherever you’re working, whatever time you’re working, join in and engage! We want everyone to know just how great flexible working really is!

As well as joining our online community, you can come and celebrate with us in person at Unipart's HQ in Oxford. We’ll have a day of debate and discussion about Flexible Working with some amazing speakers from a range of businesses and backgrounds.

We believe there’s a revolution taking place in our workplaces, and that flexible working is the future. The more of us shouting about it – the louder our voice!

Come and visit us at Mums Enterprise in Manchester on stand 24 & 25 to have a chat, meet some of the team, register your C.V. and help us spread the word that flexible working is for everyone!

Helen will also be running one of her C.V. Masterclasses from 13.00 – 13.30 in Workshop Room 2 so don’t miss the opportunity to hear her in action and pick up some great hints and tips to make your C.V. workplace ready!

We look forward to meeting you on 20th June!

Helen Wright, Founder www.923jobs.com  |  Helen@923jobs.com  | 07789270183

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June 4, 2018

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