Speedy 5-Step Work-Life Balance Guide (I promise it will change your life)

October 25, 2017

Hi it’s Alexis here.

Through my accelerator program and podcast interviews, I know that poor work-life balance is the most common issue for Parentpreneurs.

It and has a huge impact on relationships and businesses, causing:

·         Stress

·         Overwhelm

·         Guilt

·         Procrastination

So here are 5 steps to help you quickly get better work-life balance between your family, business (and other jobs or side projects etc.):

Step 1. Get clear on your values and current priority

You need to be clear on what you are switching between - kids, partner, health, Startup business, job, friends etc. Work out what your priority order is of those things and accept that when your top priority (say your kids) needs your full attention, you’ll accept a lower priority (like seeing friends) will take the hit. And that’s OK!

Within your top priorities, identify the specific priority tasks you have. Break it down and stick to the essentials.

Step 2. Use time blocking to ensure you are allocating time based on what you value and plan to avoid stress 

Once you know what you need to do with your time, plan out the next 5 days on your online calendar or paper. When will you do each of them? Start with your top priorities, so that when you run out of time in the week it doesn’t matter because you’ve spent time on the things that matter most.

Block out time in the calendar in blocks of 30-90 minutes (not more, not less). 

Ensure your plan helps you avoid stress, for example, don’t risk having a crying child in the background of your most important calls if you can avoid it. (Just because it will cause you stress!!)

Step 3. Accept and adapt to changes rather than try to ignore them

When things don’t go to plan, that’s OK. Just adapt your plan as needed, or if things go really crazy, accept that the original plan goes out the window and you’ll do a new plan once things settle.

The key here is not to ignore things that impact the plan. Accepting when external factors cause you to go off plan is important. Don’t let them stress you out.

Identify the one thing that you could do to move the business forward, if possible try doing this one thing. And start a fresh as soon as you can.

Step 4. Create a positive work-life balance culture in your business

Being professional doesn’t require 24/7 work or communication. Set expectations, and have specific times that you are available, and alternative solutions for when you aren’t. 

Create a culture in your business of being clear on your boundaries, and when you are available, and what people should do in your absence. 

Encourage and support your team in doing the same - letting your staff work 16 hour days or work weekends isn’t sustainable in the long run.

Step 5. Practice 'letting go'

You can’t do everything. Prioritise - to make sure the most important things get done, regardless of the time you have available.

As you grow your business you will get the opportunity to delegate some things to other people. This can be hard to do if you’ve not done it before. Spend time to train employees to do tasks, then hand it over and offer support in the early stages so that they can take full responsibility going-forward.

So, those are my five steps to get better work-life balance. Good luck, and remember small steps can make a BIG difference!

All the best,


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October 25, 2017

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