July 11, 2017


#1 Sourcing

Getting the right product is the key to your online success. Spend time finding the best source for your product. There are online tools like Jungle Scout and Shelf trend that can help you find popular products and monitor sales trends. Generally, we assume most products will be sourced from China but I have also seen many businesses source from online auctions like bidonthis . In addition to this I have worked with several UK manufacturing brands such as Mani and Tear Care.

#2 Marketplace Strategies

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#3 Customer Support

Once the sales process kicks off, customer support helps you to establish your brand reputation and referrals. Providing prompt answers to customer queries, after sales support and resolving any issues are the key to your brand success. It is also the way you can differentiate your product from competitors. Take Amazon as an example,

#4 Stay connected with Online Sellers

Selling online can be a very lonely business at times. It can be difficult to get new ideas and finding resources online is good but not always the best. So, stay connected with Online Seller group across the country. events here ,

#5 Seamless Systems

As your business grows, you will need a fully functioning Plentymarkets can help. It is cost effective when you start and can help you scale up your marketplace nationally and internationally.

DaytodayeBay can help online sellers sell efficiently. We have helped many individuals and businesses start selling online or grow their business online by Whether you are starting to sell online or have already started and would like to grow your business on Amazon & eBay.

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July 11, 2017

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