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ACAS - North West

We work with employer’s and employee’s to resolve work based issues.

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Who can you help?

Everyone – acas will talk too, and advise, anyone who has questions on the world of work. If you are asking about yourself or on behalf of someone else, we are happy to share the legal requirements, best practice, and options open to employer’s and employee’s.

What problems do you solve?

We try and work with employer’s and employee’s to resolve work based issues – that could be queries about any aspect of work – recruitment, contracts, working hours, family friendly policies, discipline – all the way through to individual working relationships that may have broken down (mediation)

What makes you unique?

Acas is funded by the government as an independent department. Due to the unique way we are funded most of our services are completely free of charge, for example our helpline, website that holds policies and templates for companies to use, and acas staff that can visit workplaces to give advice.

We have no vested interest in ensuring that the employer or the employee ‘wins’ a situation, we just want to resolve that issue with you.

Acas is also a totally confidential service. Your details are never shared with any other government dept or organisation. The only people that will know we are talking, is you and acas!

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