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Best Kept Skills

Best Kept Skills is an online membership platform, where skilled and experienced self-employed women can profile their skills to make it easy for clients to find them. Talented women can focus on doing what they love without having to spend time on marketing, networking, or business development. More than a directory, we are a high quality brand. Best Kept Skills does not take a cut from the work the members gain via the platform.

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Who can you help? 

Self-employed women or women with their own businesses/companies.  Problem - these women are talented and experienced, and want to spend time doing what they love, but as in any businesses, the challenges are finding new customers/clients. Many of these talented individuals do not have the time, the inclination, and possibly the funds to continually invest in networking, marketing, and business development where they have to 'sell' themselves.

How can you help? 

Best Kept Skills is a high-quality member search platform where companies, small businesses, start-ups or the general public - literally anyone who has a need for a skilled service - can find talented experienced and verified individuals. It's free for clients to search, encouraging them to come back to our platform whenever they need a service. Best Kept Skills invest heavily in marketing, PR and SEO and are passionate about helping women be even more successful in their own businesses.

What makes you unique? 

We are the only online skill search platform that focuses on self-employed women. We are the only online platform that covers skills from accountants and solicitors, to beauticians and photographers. We do not take any commission - members pay a modest monthly subscription only. All our members are UK based. Members do not have to 'bid' for jobs - they simply have a profile showcasing their skills. experience and reviews, and clients can search, find, and contact them directly.

 "Best Kept Skills is passionate about supporting women in business, and we want to women benefit self-employed and freelance women, as well as with their own businesses nationally. Mums Enterprise is a perfect way to bring all of these amazing women together in one place"

Guinevere Ellis, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Best Kept Skills

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