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BOOBS is a community project that inspires Mums to talk about their breastfeeding journey, provides them with useful information to help overcome any difficulties and encourages venues to join our awareness campaign becoming part of the BOOBS approved scheme.

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Who can you help?

Breastfeeding Mums
Young parents

How can you help?

We can provide information about breastfeeding and we always encourage Mums to share and listen to others' experiences.

We are currently running an awareness campaign called 'BOOBS approved' scheme which aims to get independent venues, such as cafes and restaurants, signed up to our scheme and thus create a breastfeeding friendly atmosphere to make Mums feel safe and confident. We are providing a BOOBS "safe space" at the roadshow, with comfy seats to take a breather, lots of toys for little one and lots of friendly faces.

What makes you unique?

We are the only enterprise in Salford that provides information and support to breastfeeding mothers through digital campaigns, advice and family friendly events. We are motivated to listen and help parents, and we aim to create a sense of community for like-minded people.

"This event is a great opportunity to reach and give support to Mums willing to receive useful information about breastfeeding and parenthood, especially those thinking about returning to the world of work."
Rachel Parkinson, BOOBS Project Manager

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