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Brilliant Together

Brilliant Together provides expert advice and support to start-ups and small businesses. Helping you get clarity and focus on what you do best, and then we do the rest. We work with you to understand your dreams and the hurdles you face in achieving them; helping you to plan your business properly and get stuff done.

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Who can you help

  • Do you have an idea for a business, but don't know what to do to get started?
  • Do you have an established business but struggling to grow it?
  • Or, do you have a growing business but too much on your to-do list to sustain it?

Don’t worry we can help!

What problems do you solve

We’ll discover what help you need, create plans that’ll put you on the pathway to success and work with you to get stuff done.  And where specialist support is needed we have a trusted team of experts to call on: from accountancy to web-design and everything in between.

What makes you unique

I’ve walked in your shoes: I came to the first ever Mums Enterprise Roadshow in 2016, with just an idea for a business.  Just 8 months later I launched Brilliant Together at the Brighton roadshow, and then went on to exhibit at the London roadshows in 2017 and 2018.  So, I’m proof that you can do it!

We firmly believe in supporting small businesses, only using and recommending suppliers that, like us, are also parents-in-business.

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