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Interested in publishing your own local magazine for parents? If you are business minded and interested in working flexibly from home around your family, franchising with Families Magazine could be for you. We will equip you with all the skills you need to run your own business producing a valuable resource for local parents in your community.

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Who can you help?

Mums (and dads!) who are motivated and organised to start up and grow their own business working flexibly and from home.

How can you help?

We offer a full package of resources, training and support in all skill sets required to publish a magazine including advertising sales, distribution and production. Our package includes extensive sales support and mentoring during year 1 of trading. We've been franchising our magazine successfully in the UK since 1990 and 40 other local franchisees are already out there making successful businesses based on our business-model.

What makes you unique?

We are passionate about our magazines and our readers and do everything possible to support our franchisees to deliver them the very best product in the free parenting magazine market. This is evident in the quality of our content and the look and feel of our magazines and it's how we have earned our reputation as the premium parenting magazine . We also care about our clients and about our franchisees - Families is a genuine family!

"The Mums Enterprise Roadshow is going to be a great opportunity for us to connect with large numbers of people we most want to talk to - Mums!"
Linda Stone, Family Magazine

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