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FranchiseExpo.co.uk is a comprehensive web directory with an abundance of Franchises that are actively recruiting in the UK, providing a year-round opportunity for you to find the perfect UK franchise.

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We can help anyone looking to start-up or buy a franchise by connecting you with the top franchise brands all in one place!

FranchiseExpo.co.uk the most powerful franchise lead generating website in the UK, providing thousands of leads for our advertisers by connecting people specifically looking for the top franchise opportunities in the UK & Ireland. We have a variety of industries to choose from and a number of investment levels to suit you and your business!

Franchising is a low risk investment; less than 7% of franchises fail in the first 3 years, compared to 90% of new business start-ups, franchising gives you flexibility and the power to be your own boss with an abundance of resources at your fingertips! If you want to learn more about franchising and get involved in a trail and tested business model, get in touch with us now. If you want to get your brand in front of the most qualified potential investors in the UK, then please contact us for our latest packages and offers. 

What problems do you solve 

We connect franchises with the most qualified potential investors. Our online franchise directory provides potential investors with a range of UK and international franchise opportunities, we not only provide franchise opportunities to meet your criteria, but also keep you informed with the latest industry news, articles and events. 

What makes you unique

FranchiseExpo.co.uk is the most comprehensive online franchise directory in UK, providing you with qualified leads from people who are actively looking to invest in the right franchise opportunity. Furthermore Franchise Expo not only gives you online exposure but also physical exposure through our range of annual events including The UK’s Biggest Franchise Show.

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