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Your voice is one of your most important assets in building a successful career or a thriving business. Yet women face challenges in having their say. We help you channel your creative and business energies into a dynamic presentation style, whether in a meeting, on a webinar or in the board room, to get that raise or promotion you deserve. We are a multi-lingual group of experienced trainers, who offer an affordable mix of training, coaching and custom solutions for all women in the workplace.

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Who can you help?

Women in the workforce or re-entering it, or women entrepreneurs. If you are looking to boost your negotiation and influencing skills, hone your public speaking, prepare for an interview or tackle tricky conversations around pay and benefits. We can teach you to address these challenges. Learn how to deal with ‘interrupting the interrupter ‘in a business meeting, or dealing with nerves, shyness, and the sometimes-daunting task of standing out in a competitive marketplace for jobs and ideas. Overcome those uncomfortable conversations around pay or promotion, speaking in public or dealing with the digital world.

How can you help?

We help you close the gender pay gap with proven negotiation techniques and get your voice heard, in meetings or on line, with our personalised training, so you can realise your potential and overcome workplace challenges. Our training is affordable and tailored to fit your learning style. We help you avoid the common mistakes many women make in pitching a project or other goals that can mean all the difference between the status quo and ultimate success.We teach you techniques to successfully influence, find your voice and make your mark.

What makes you unique?

We are a very experienced group of women who have trained and coached across a range of sectors and professional categories, from recent graduates to the C-suite and in challenging environments and multicultural settings. We have developed a training and coaching methodology that gets fast results and can be tailored to individuals or groups. We put you through your paces in real-world scenarios to practice for the big event, and we are constantly refining our techniques to take advantage of the latest methods based on research and what works in practice.

“We know that many women are fed up with the gender pay gap but don’t know how to do something about it. So, we’re looking forward to sharing tips from our course on How to Negotiate a Pay Rise. This event seems like the perfect place to do that”
Camila Reed, co-founder Global Voice UK

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