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Inspiring Mummy Club

Anna Parker-Naples is founder of the award-winning online self-development monthly membership for mums, Inspiring Mummy Club. Inspiring and motivating mums to create happier, more balanced lives, by boosting confidence and helping with stress levels, with the aide of Mindfulness, NLP, Life-Coaching, Visualisation and Hypnosis & Meditation tracks, together with a supportive online community of positive women.

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Who can you help?

Any mum who knows it is time to make some changes to their stress and happiness levels. We provide easy and effective ways re-build confidence, boost self-esteem and to deal with the stress in mums lives so that they can create the mental and emotional room for the things they want to achieve in life. We can help any mum who is tired or feeling frazzled and overwhelmed, and who is ready to start feeling more engaged with life.

How can you help?

Through our online monthly membership, we provide a multitude of powerful and effective confidence boosting and stress- reducing tools and techniques, in short, manageable exercises and audio tracks. We make putting your own needs first simple and easy to achieve by offering a full Mindfulness for Mums online course, incredible hypnosis audio designed for mums and visualisation tracks designed to make a difference to mindset, focus and the ability to not just cope, but thrive.

What makes you unique?

We are a one-of-a-kind monthly membership, where no matter where you are in the world, or what time of day, you can access life-changing, transformational audio and printable materials to help you make gentle yet effective shirts in how you think and feel about your life. Together with on online community of support, we make connecting with like-minded, uplifting women simple and easy.Putting mums needs first is part of our ethos, because if you are happy and fulfilled, and calmer, so too is the rest of your family.

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