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It's A Sling Thing

It's A Sling Thing is the UK's largest online sling library and consultancy service. We can help you find a sling or carrier that works for you and your family from our spectacular selection. Visit us at the Roadshow to get advice about carrying, try out a sling or even hire one for the day!

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Who can you help? 

Do you have a child in your care?
Do you need your hands back?
We can help you find a sling or carrier which works for your family!

How can you help? 

We have a range of over 400 slings and carriers available to suit from birth until you don't want to carry any more. We have years of experience finding people a carrying solution which can work for them and are really looking forward to speaking to you about how slings could help you in your career journey

What makes you unique? 

We are the largest online only sling library with a spectacular range of over 400 carriers. You can browse our selection from the comfort of your own home and have the sling posted out to you without needing to head to a group. We also offer advice via phone or Skype to help you find the perfect option for your family.

"We are passionate about supporting families and feel like society as a whole isn't very supportive of the transition into parenthood. Working mums get even less support, and we want to offer a simple option which can help a wide range of families in a wide range of ways!"
Emily Taylor, Its a Sling Thing

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