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Talented Ladies Club

We help women to find a way to fulfill their ambitions while being the mums they want to be. On our website you’ll find daily advice and inspiration to help you enjoy a flexible career, go freelance or run your own business. We also have a membership club called Kickstart. Packed with workbooks, tools, courses, videos and support to help you start or grow a business you love, it does exactly what the name suggests and kick starts your new life!

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Who can you help?

We help mothers to fulfill their ambitions on their terms – whether they want to work flexibly, go freelance or run their own business. Since we launched in April 2013 our readership has grown to over 78,000 monthly visitors from around the world. 

What problems do you solve?

Any problems that stand in the way of your business or career dreams – from lack of confidence, to upskilling in key areas.

We know exactly what it’s like to feel stuck, lost, frustrated and alone after having children because we were once there too. Now we help mums to rediscover their confidence and passion, manage their time and work happily towards the success they want.

What makes you Unique?

We’re the UK’s number one online resource for ambitious mums. We publish daily articles and interviews and offer all the support, training and tools you need to create a career and business you love – while being the mum you want to be. 

A Quick Quote

“We believe that becoming a mum doesn’t have to be the end of your career. It can be the start of an exciting new adventure. And we’re here to help you embark on that journey – and make it a success.

We’re excited to be part of the brilliant Mums Enterprise roadshow again and to meet more ambitious mothers. We always come away from these events fired up, and know the women attending are in for a real treat of a day.”  Hannah Martin, Co-founder, Talented Ladies Club

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