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The College of Osteopaths

The College of Osteopaths offers a unique part-time degree pathway which allows you to study while you continue with your current lifestyle, be that full/part time work or otherwise.

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Who can you help? 

1. Anyone looking to change careers interested in working in private healthcare
2. People looking to enhance or build on their current skillset - bodyworkers, holistic practitioners, personal trainers, sports injury therapists, physiotherapist, chiropractors, rehabilitation therapists
3. People who are working or have responsibilities Monday - Friday but who could / would like to study at the weekend

How can you help? 

Our specialism is in part-time learning.  We only offer 1 course which is a part-time degree in osteopathy.  Our part-time pathway means that lectures take place alternate weekends 18 weekends per year. You can continue with your Monday-Friday job and at no point are required to attend full-time. 

What makes you unique?

Our specialism is in part-time learning.  We only offer 1 course which is a part-time degree in osteopathy.  We have been supporting part-time learners since 1948 to achieve their osteopathy qualifications. Our course includes anatomy, physiology, pathology, but also business planning skills so that you leave prepared to build your practice. 

Tell us why you decided to exhibit at the Mums Enterprise Roadshow in 2018?

"It is always exciting for us to meet people and talk about how they want to change job or grow their skills or achieve a dream that wasn't quite realised and encouraging them to explore the possibility now!  Osteopathy is an exciting part of healthcare because every day is about meeting and helping people.  We are delighted to have the opportunity to raise awareness of our profession and encourage people to explore the learning pathway" Hannah Del Ponte, Admissions Team


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