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Turtle Tots

At Turtle Tots we are passionate about promoting water safety and learn to swim skills through our unique and fun baby and toddler swim classes. The Turtle Tots programme of swimming classes begins with aqua-natal yoga for mums-to-be, and continues once your baby is born with gentle and progressive swimming classes for babies and toddlers.

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Who can you help?

Turtle Tots licensees come from all walks of life. Our licensees include former teachers, sales people, fitness instructors, scientists and people from many other diverse backgrounds. 

We have mums and dads looking for a career change to fit around the family and people simply tired of corporate life look for a more fulfilling business opportunity.

So whatever your career background, it's more important that you enjoy swimming, love people, and possess a "can do" attitude.

How can you help?

Running a Turtle Tots business is hard work, but it is great fun, flexible, lucrative and comes with a whole lot of support for you to grow and develop yourself, your teachers and your business.

If you don't have a swim teaching qualification already, don't let that put you off, as we'll guide you through the process of training.

You'll also receive world-class Turtle Tots business and aquatic training and ongoing support from the "Turtle Towers" team.

What makes you unique?

Our current licensees say:

"I became tired of working in the corporate world, and watching my children growing up too fast. My working hours now fit around my family and I enjoy more time with my children", Charlotte Tiller, North Kent.

"I love teaching, plain and simple. But the demands of a traditional teaching role were taking their toll on me, I wanted to spend more time with my little boy but I still wanted to make use of my teaching skills. When the opportunity to run my own Turtle Tots business came up, it seemed like a perfect transition. I love the whole ethos of the Turtle Tots brand, from its charitable giving focus (each licensee chooses a local charity to donate a percentage of their takings) to the feeling of belonging to a big team all working towards the same goals!" Victoria Hampshire, Cornwall.

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