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Through an affordable combination of coaching, mentoring and training I help those with a professional administration background (often PAs and EAs) set up and launch their own Virtual Assistant (VA) business. Delivered through a mix of online and face to face options.

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Who can you help? 

So are, if you a Personal Assistant, (PA), Executive Assistant (EA), Admin Assistant (AA) wanting a VA lifestyle? Perhaps tired of the commute and want to take back control of your life and your career. Maybe you feel like someone else is in control of your life, and that you are missing out on having a work/life balance?  Or perhaps you have recently had children or been made redundant.  I can help those who would like to be their own boss, have greater flexibility and a portable career meaning they can work anywhere, having an integrated work/life balance. 

How can you help? 

If so, I can guide, support and inspire you to to create a successful VA business through affordable 1:2:1 coaching, mentoring and bespoke training to help you achieve your dream. I don’t train you how to manage a diary or type a letter etc, instead I help you avoid the many business pitfalls there are when setting up a business, that is aligned to your core values and one where you charge your worth. 

What makes you unique? 

Unlike a lot of VA Coaches, I have been there and done it!  Originally, I launched my Virtual Assistant business, on my retirement from the Royal Navy, I then built a team and then sold that business in 2016. Having started coaching and mentoring others to have their own VA business in 2014 - I now focus on this - its my passion. Being the VA was important to me, as it allowed me to understand the grass roots of the industry and not just the business theory. Last year, I was voted the Best VA Training Provider in the UK by the PA Assist Members Voice Awards for 2016. When I ask others what makes me unique compared to other trainers, they say they get practical support, determination and light bulb moments as I help them connect all the dots in the right order.  Oh and a no BS approach! 

Tell us why you decided to exhibit at the Mums Enterprise Roadshow in 2018? 

"I love the Mums Enterprise Events - they are full of inspirational people who are focused on having a great work/life integration and everyone is open to sharing support, know-how, tools and technology to succeed"

Amanda Johnson, Director

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