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Can I leave and come back?

Indeed  you can come and go as you please. And for London attend both or just one of the days, no problem.

How do I know if I will benefit?

If you have ambition, want to return to work or find a more flexible job, if you want to retrain or brush up your skills or of course want to find a perfect business opportunity, start or even grow an existing business you really, really must attend the event. Even if you haven't got a clue what you want to do now and are seeking inspiration. Our events are relaxed, un-stuffy and we want them to inspire. So no matter what your plans in work or business are this really is a not to be missed event. And it's free to attend so what have you got to lose? Remember the Mums Enterprise Roadshow doesn't end with the event. Our website and partners are here 24/7 to help you shoot for the moon and we will be helping you out well before the events and after, and of course you will walk away with our 'Enterprisers Handbook'.

Still unsure? Watch this amazing video from our London 2017 event, you can get the jist of what it's all about WATCH NOW

I can no longer make it at all or that date

If you can't come please just let us know you can email us on

I have a question or suggestion

We are always happy to hear from you so please feel free to contact us with any suggestions for event content or if you have any other questions which haven’t been answered.Contact Us

I really want to come but I can't know for sure if I can make it until nearer the time - what shall I do so I don't miss out?

Our event is free to attend, ideally we of course want everybody who has registered to attend but we understand not everybody will be able to on the day due to unforseen circumstances. We suggest you register now anyway and just tell us if you can no longer make it. You can register for your free place here

I would like to exhibit how can I do that?

Exhibition stands are available at a cost, we only offer space for organisations or individuals who can truly help our mums succeed in work or business and sorry for any disappointment but we not accept bookings from any MLM brands.  To request an exhibitor pack complete our form here

I'm not a mum, or even a woman can I still attend?

Yes of course you can, we are not excluding anybody at all.  We know a lot of the content will be useful for all ambitious women and men with or without families so feel free to register for your free place. We will welcome you with open arms.

Is there a catch to it being free to attend?

No catch, we actually charged a fee in 2016 but we found that this was just a barrier for more mums to come. Everybody who attended and paid felt it was great value but we wanted to make sure we could reach as many mums as we could so decided to try it out and offer it for free. There is no catch, these events are made for mums and we never want to impose anything on anybody so you attend what workshops you like, talk to who you like and sit through whatever you want. You are not forced to see anything you are not interested in and we steer clear of sales pitches in our workshops, it's all built around helping you on your mission.  And we mean that - there really is no catch, no.

We, personally as the organisers hope that our business is successful through the sale of exhibition stands and sponsorship. We are event organisers that is our business, nothing more.

Is there parking?

EventCity has over 3000 free car parking spaces

London, Olympia has a charged per hour or a flat day rate - find out more HERE

What if I am late?

Our agenda is going to be full of things to see and do all day.  We will be encouraging all visitors before they arrive to plan their day.  So if you can't arrive till later on, just plan your day from when you can arrive.  Register for your free ticket here

What is going on throughout the day?

We try to offer as much variance as possible and ensure that there really is something for everybody. No matter what scenario you may be in. This year, 2018 we have introduced ZONES which will help you find the expertise, contacts and real opportunities you may be interested in or are looking for, these ZONES are called:

BOOST - for those of you who are just thinking about making a change and need to build some confidence

BUSINESS - For those who are looking to start or grow their existing business

FLEXIBLE WORK - Not everybody wants to start a business, more organisations are now offering family friendly work opportunities and there are also plenty of returner and full time roles too. This area hosts employers and agencies - so bring your CV

OPPORTUNITY - Here you may just stumble across an opportunity which is just perfect for you, here you will find license, work from home and franchise opportunities - many before you have found what worked for them which before attending, they had no clue even existed

RETRAIN & UPSKILL - An area hosting providers who can help you learn something new, access higher education, apprenticeships or just brush up those rusty skills and get you up to date

In addition to ALL that we have:
Practical, 30 minute workshops going on all day - the Manchester agenda is now live you can see it HERE

Business speed networking

Open Mic Story Stage - hear inspiring stories from those who have been there and done it, also maybe put your name down?

121 Business advice

We also have a HUGE announcement to make about an amazing brand who will be present in 2018. You honestly couldn't guess who it is. Watch this space - but they will be showcasing retail roles, delivering upskill workshops and so much more

So lots going on, it really is a full day so make the most of it. And all of this is for FREE - attend anything anytime, it's all down to you.

What time is the event on?

Manchester, EventCity - Doors open at 10am and we close at 6pm. This is a long day as we are only in Manchester once and are hoping some of you may visit us after you have done school pick up or after work as well as during the earlier part of the day.

London Friday 28th September - opening hours will be 10.00am - 4.00pm and Saturday 29th September will be open 10am - 3pm

Where is the AMEX stadium?

The stadium's postcode is BN1 9BL and is close to the city centre. We chose this venue as it has easy access, free parking and is on a bus route. It also has it's own train station which is Falmer Station. Visit the Amex Stadium website for more details here

Why isn't there an event near me?

We do intend to take our events all over the UK eventually, but we are two mums without huge budgets bringing these to the world and decided to host two large exhibitions in Manchester and London this year. BUT we have plans to host smaller regional events from 2019 and will soon see the launch of our digital hub so you can access support, expertise and real opportunities every day of the year.

If you would like to see an event near you then please make a suggestion and contact us. Every woman (or man) can take advantage of our awesome participants no matter where you are through our website - we will have helpful information, blogs and there are plenty of contacts for you right here. Take a look at our Manchester and London  exhibitors today.

This year we are also recording every workshop and the Q&A panel so keep an eye out for details early March.

You say this event is child-friendly - what does that mean

We do not offer a creche facility at our events at the moment. We are hosting the events in term time so you can focus on getting the most from the event and spend the maximum time with us during the day. We will provide baby changing and feeding facilities and we shall have a few toys and activities set up in workshop rooms and our break-out room so your little one can have a play. We don't have anything for older kids but the venue has wi-fo so they can use their tablets :-)

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