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How To Earn Money Online With A Fashion Blog

In the USA, fashion bloggers earn millions. Is that also possible in other countries? Why are fashion blogs so lucrative? Here are the answers.

That’s probably what you call a picture book career. The Italian Chiara Ferragani is just 27 years old and has already made a financial provision. She became known as the fashion blogger the Blonde Salad. What began as a private blog with a few hundred visitors per month has now become a small fashion empire.

With over one million likes on Facebook and more than 12 million page views per month. The blonde Italian has long since stopped taking care of creating new content on her own and now employs a team of ten. Estimated annual turnover of “the Blonde Salad” in 2014: 6 million euros! She now also sells her own fashion collection online – and very successfully!

How successful are Fashion Blogs?

While Chiara Ferragani is undisputedly the queen among fashion bloggers, there are many fashion blogs, especially in the USA, which also generate seven-digit income per year for their operators. Also in Europe many fashion fans earn their money as bloggers. One can only speculate about the exact number of fashion bloggers who can live from their online income in this country.

However, it is likely to be in the mid three-digit range. One of the most successful German fashion bloggers is Masha Sedgwick from Berlin, who has been running her website since 2010 and has since built it into an internationally known brand. However, most bloggers in Europe currently earn little or no money.

How do you become a successful Fashion Blogger?

If you look at the CVs of successful bloggers, you will always discover similarities. None of them started their blog with the intention of making a living out of it at some point. Instead, they started with private online diaries in which they presented newly purchased fashion items, gave styling tips or published photos.

The blogs were all run on the side at first. Besides studying, at school or in the evening after work. Over the years, the fashion bloggers became successful mainly through five things:

1) Authenticity: The blogs are not artificial products of PR companies, but are maintained with a lot of passion. Over the years, the bloggers reveal a lot of private information.

2) Distinctiveness: Simply copying an existing fashion blog is not very promising. Only blogs that manage to create their own brand are successful. Which represent a unique specimen. This can be an unmistakable reader address or a very special fashion style.

3) Perseverance: One can earn money with a Blog usually only after several years, if the Blog has a faithful readership bound to itself and besides high Google rankings exhibits and in such a way in the sum many visitors attracts. Until then (and even after that) it is: work, work, work!

4) Activity on all channels: Just writing a blog post now and then is not enough. Successful blogs are present everywhere and regularly present new content on all channels. So not only on their own website, but also on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and above all YouTube.

5) Skill: Many visitors are great. But how can you monetize the number of visitors? Making financial use of the number of visitors is a crucial task if you want to live from a blog permanently.

How do Fashion Bloggers actually earn Money?

Successful fashion blogs have a loyal readership. Bloggers’ recommendations on what’s hip and what to buy are as important to many readers as tips from their best friend. That’s why fashion blogs are an attractive advertising medium for manufacturers.

What is recommended here and shown on photos is bought! Some companies even develop their own fashion collections together with bloggers, which are sold in limited numbers.

Btw, here’s what Chiara Ferragani makes with her blog.

Ultimately, blogs are financed mainly by three sources:

1) Advertorials: The bloggers receive money for presenting clothes from a manufacturer online. In addition, they are allowed to keep the merchandise, of course. Bloggers are often contacted directly by the manufacturers. Successful bloggers also work together with specialized media agencies such as Mode Media, which support the publishers, i.e. the bloggers, in their marketing activities.

2) Advertising banners: Fashion brands book advertising space on their blogs for which they pay the sum X every month. Here, too, manufacturers occasionally address bloggers directly. Alternatively, bookings are made through marketing agencies.

3) Commissions from partner programs: Bloggers introduce products and link them directly to online stores where readers can buy the clothes. The bloggers receive a percentage commission per sale.

In addition to these important revenue streams, many fashion blogs make money with Google AdSense or by selling backlinks on their sites.