Deliver Exceptional Customer Service in 10 simple steps
11.15am-11.45am - Workshop Room 1

With the ever fast changes in consumers’ habits, businesses need to adapt quickly to meet their customers’ expectations. Every single businesses from Sole traders to large corporate must not only meet their customers but more so exceed their expectations.

There are 10 steps that businesses should follow to bring real value to their customers so they can create a real experience by bringing a more feminine energy into their business, I will show you how to balance the Yin and the Yang of Customer Service so you will have all the tools to deliver exceptional customer service consistency.

Workshop speaker:
Claire Boscq-Scott
The Busy Queen Bee

Global Franchisor, I empower womenpreneurs to create harmony  in their life and business by running their own successful Mystery Shopping and Customer Experience Franchise Business. So, together we can stimulate women’s potential in business and raise their participation in process of social and economic development but also raise the importance of customer service and increase the level of excellence in local businesses, ultimately stimulating economic growth.

The Busy Queen Bee set up its Jersey operation 9 years ago; we offer a full range of Customer Service Solutions, who just like the beehive works as a community to ensure the hive’s success, bringing a more feminine energy into businesses. We help businesses to audit, measure and improve their customer service delivery. Our services include: Customer Experience, Mystery Shopping, online and on-site customer service training and so much more, igniting businesses to thrive by delivering exceptional customer service consistently.

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