Don’t Tell Me I Can’t Do It: Mothers & Success
12.00pm - 12.30pm - Workshop Room 1

If you’ve ever wondered what things all mothers must do in order to build successful businesses and careers, here’s your chance to find out. In this down-to-earth practical workshop Danusia draws on her vast experience as an international consultant while at the same time being mother of ten. Danusia will lovingly challenge you to drop excuses and make exactly what you want happen, because everything is possible.


Workshop speaker:
Danusia Malina-Derben
Founder of School For Mothers™

Danusia Malina-Derben is a serial entrepreneur, C-suite development expert and consultant. As well as being an authority on all things “C-suite” she is also mother of ten including her “last baby”, triplets of five years old. The juncture of working with those at the top of capitalist and patriarchal systems whilst nurturing a super brood, means Danusia has unique perspectives on what it is to be a successful working mother. Danusia is Founder of School For Mothers™, a multi-dimensional resource for ambitious mothers.

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