Empowering you to follow your passion whilst building wealth.
11.15am - 11.45am - Workshop Room 2

Workshop summary: In this value filled workshop, Jonathan - who is the founder of the Rockstar Group - will be sharing the key tips (all through real life examples) on how women in careers or who own their own business are able to build profit centres around their passion and build wealth through investing in that passion. A lot of great value in this workshop so don't miss out.

Workshop speaker:
Jonathan Phfal
Founder Rockstar Group

Jonathan Pfahl is the Founder and Managing Director of the Rockstar Group of Companies. Rockstar is the UKs largest resource centre for entrepreneurs and investors featuring its own sales outsource team, digital marketing company, high profile mentor access as well as its own crowd fund and law firm. Originally from Sydney, Australia, Jonathan set up Rockstar in 2007 with the goal to help clients build wealth as that is his passion. An engaging and passionate speaker, do make sure to attend his workshop

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