Face Your Fear to Start that Business
2.30pm - 3.00pm - Workshop Room 1

Starting a new business can be scary. There are risks and pressures, and you probably have some fears or worries (for good reason!).However, you know that a new business could bring you the life you want - time with your family, financial freedom, interesting challenges, and the ability to do something meaningful. You know that all successful business people had to get started someday… So how do you get moving when you feel so stuck?In the Masterclass, Alexis will help you identify what is really holding you back, and stop unimportant fears getting in your way.

In this exciting workshop Alexis will show you ......

- How to identify which of your fears are valid, and which aren't.
- Help you identify which fear is the main one holding you back.
- Get you to work out whether your fear is helping or hurting you.
- Take you through an activity to help you to stop unhelpful fears getting in your way
- Answer your questions about overcoming fears, starting your business and addressing any other obstacles in your way

Workshop speaker:
Alexis Kingsbury
Serial Entrepreneur and parent of two

Alexis Kingsbury is a serial entrepreneur, parent of two, and host of The Parentpreneur Accelerator Podcast.Over the last 17 years, Alexis has started 8 of his own businesses, and worked with 100s of other business owners to get up-and-running and make them profitable.When not coaching other entrepreneurs, Alexis works on his own businesses. This includes Spidergap, an award-winning software business that is used in over 134 countries, by hundreds of organisations including Cisco, Fitness First, New Look, PepsiCo, Sony, Starbucks, PwC and Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors Without Borders).After nearly losing the love of his life in 2011 (due to working too many late hours starting up his software business), Alexis became passionate about helping parentpreneurs to use their time super-effectively between building amazing businesses, and getting time on the other things that matter - wellbeing, family, and friends.Alexis does this by sharing interviews with other parentpreneurs on his podcast (available on iTunes), and providing step-by-step courses and coaching via his online Accelerator membership program (see www.parentpreneur.com).

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