Setting Up For Success
10.30am Workshop Room 2

At Lloyds Bank we know that starting out in business can be an exciting time, but it can also be quite a daunting time, with so much to think about. In this workshop we will explore some of the key considerations when starting your business, to allow you to focus confidently on setting up for success. From things to think about in those early stages, through to business planning, maximising your digital opportunity, and making use of local resources, we will explore keys for success and common pitfalls to avoid in those early days. As a banking partner to thousands of small businesses in the UK, we will share some of our unique insights to help you put your best foot forward to develop a business that can thrive.

Workshop speaker:
Emma Webb
Area Manager - Business Banking

Working directly with small businesses since joining Lloyds Bank 15 years ago, Emma has worked closely with hundreds of small business owners to help them achieve success. More recently Emma facilitates support to local businesses through her team of Managers. Their primary aim is to help businesses grow and prosper as part of Lloyds Helping Britain Prosper plan. Outside of working at Lloyds, Emma is an independent Business Mentor and has also ran her own small business. Mummy to two year old Amelia Rose, and step mum to 15 year old Taylor, Emma has  particular interest in support to return to work parents and female entrepreneurship.

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