The Art of Assertiveness- How to say 'No' without the confrontation.
3.15pm - 3.45pm - Workshop Room 1

This masterclass is for you if:

* You struggle to say NO to people

* You get treated like a bit of a doormat

* You put off having a difficult conversation with someone

* You struggle to ask for what you want 

* You're selfless and always put other people first

* You're scared of upsetting others feelings by being honest

* You'd like to put yourself first for once!

* You tend to keep your opinions to yourself

* You 'bitch' behind others backs because you're too scared to tell them the truth (shock horror! I said it out loud!)

* You tell fibs to get out of stuff rather than be honest about why it's not for you

* You're aggressive and other people avoid YOU!!!

* You're bossy and a bit too big for your boots 

* You're often sarcastic

I could go on! You get the jist..... see you there!

Workshop speaker:
Chloe Roberts (I'm the blonde one) & Jodie Salt
Co-Founders & Directors

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