The Fusion of Freelancing and Motherhood

Have you ever thought about juggling motherhood and a corner office in the vast expanse of your own house?
Being Mrs. Independent is not just an aspiration for stay-at-home mums. It can indeed be a fulfilling reality – thanks, in part, to the mighty advent of freelancing.

Legendary novelist and supermom J.K. Rowling once quoted,

“We do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all the power we need inside ourselves already.”

So let’s embark on a fabulous journey into the world of mumpreneurship.

The Rise of Mumpreneurs

A mumpreneur is a female business owner who is actively balancing the role of mum and entrepreneur. The rise of mumpreneursmerely reflects the irresistibly growing workspace trend globally. According to an 'Upwork and Freelancers Union's survey', 57.3 million people were freelancing in the US in 2017, and freelancers were projected to become the US workforce’s majority by 2027!

What these digits depict is an enormous possibility, a chance to test your potential to its fullest.

Full-Time workers42%
Traditional Freelancers37%
New Freelancers21%

Let me tell you about my cousin, Sophie. She was a full-time, stay-at-home mum for a few years after her kids were born. However, she did not want to let go of her creative bent in the long run. With a background in graphic design, she turned to freelance platforms and soon rediscovered her professional identity within the four walls of her home!

Life, thereafter, turned into an exciting rollercoaster ride for Sophie as she became an assertive multi-tasker. Mornings at the park, afternoons with client meetings, and evenings with graphic design shenanigans.

Tweaking the Routine

One tremendous advantage of being a ‘freelancing mum’ is flexibility. According to a recent study by 'Freelancing in America', 46% of freelancers believe their mode of working allows them to manage their health better. As an added perk, freelancing rates can flexible too, giving you the power to negotiate based on your skills and project scope.

Breast-feeding at 2 a.m. or painting a client logo at 4 p.m. — yes, quite an unusual routine! But that is where creative time management and smart strategies come into the picture.

Juggling It All

But it’s not just about the art of juggling. It’s about falling and getting back up stronger, learning something new with each tumble. Here are three straightforward lessons my cousin Sophie absorbed along her way:

  1. Morale: A balance is crucial between maintaining self-confidence and dealing with rejections.
  2. Flexibility: Flexibility is traded both ways. Yes, you can choose your hours, but sometimes you have to adjust to client timelines too.
  3. Charisma: High energy, good communication skills, personality, all matter.

Summing Up

Being both, a freelancer and a mum is no small feat. But with each passing day, you learn to negotiate not only your freelance rates but also better bedtime stories. It’s tough work, but that’s exactly what makes you tougher. After all, as Christie Watson mentions in 'The Language of Kindness: A Nurse's Story'.

“Mothers are our first teachers, and we teach others the same lessons we learn from them. As a child, when your mother believes in you, you believe in yourself, and when that happens, there is nothing you can’t do.”

So here’s to the brave, beautiful beings — the freelancing mums, holding it down at the playground and in board meetings, all in a day’s work.